Joseph J. Corrado, Sr.



Joseph J. Corrado has been an innovator in the fields of construction and development for almost fifty years.

Involved in the family business since graduating from St. Joseph’s University, Joe has been President of Corrado Management Services since its inception in 1968. He has been responsible for the overall administration and strategic planning for highly diversified clients involved in all aspects of the construction industry. His effective management style has enabled him to keep Corrado Management and its clients ahead of the competition and prepared to perform effectively in the face of an ever-changing business and economic landscape.

Through his tenure, Joe has been a member of a variety of organizations and has served on numerous boards. Joe is a former member of the Delaware Contractors Association (DCA) Board of Directors and once chaired its Legislative Committee.  He is past president of the Delaware Utility and Transportation Contractors Association (DUTCA) and served as a member on the Board of Directors of their national organization, the National Utility Contractor’s Association (NUCA). In 1982, Joe received NUCA’s highest honor when he was named “Ditchdigger of the Year”.

Joe was appointed by the Governor of Delaware to serve as a member of the Clean Water Advisory Council (formerly the Wastewater Advisory Council) in 1995 and was appointed Chairman in 1998. His participation on the Board continued until 2015.

In 1999, Joe was appointed Chairman of the City of Wilmington Combined Sewer Overflow Committee.  The Committee was responsible for assisting the City of Wilmington with planning and funding to eliminate wastewater overflows into the Brandywine and Christiana rivers.

In 2001, Joe was appointed as a member to the Livable Delaware Committee, which was formed by Governor Minner.  Livable Delaware has promoted smart growth throughout the State and has been the point source for initiatives in that regard. Governor Minner also appointed Joe to serve on the Chesapeake Bay Funding Panel, whose charge was to identify funding for the cleanup of the Chesapeake Bay.

As Chairman of the Infrastructure Funding sub-committee, Joe has proposed several initiatives to develop secured funding for Delaware’s infrastructure, especially for wastewater and storm water. Recently, he has been appointed to a new three-year term. Joe is also now on the Board of the Delaware STEM Academy.

Over the past fifty years, Joe has served on numerous committees and task forces on both state and local levels to address issues integral to the success of the Delaware business community. Joe’s passion for – and vision of – the connection between the environment and public and private sectors has brought about monumental improvements to the infrastructure, the environment, and the people of the State of Delaware.

  • creating a limited access highway connecting Dover to I-95;
  • adopting standard specifications for the construction of sanitary and storm sewer and water lines;
  • implementing statewide compliance with the Federal Storm Water Management Act;
  • implementing statewide compliance with NPDES Permit regulations;
  • developing state regulations for solid waste management;
  • developing solid waste recycling regulations;
  • generating alternative energy from recycled products;
  • working toward a comprehensive wetlands law;
  • tightening specifications for storm sewer pipe to reduce the amount of infiltration and exfiltration; and
  • promoting the use of recycled products in construction and development activities.